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Diabetes Research Institute of Shenzhen Zhong Ke Rui Zhi , Making its Debut at Wellness China 2018!

Date:2018-01-23 15:01:51

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Founded in 1993 by professor Mei Lianwu, a leader in diabetes academic research, Diabetes Research Institute of Shenzhen Zhong Ke Rui Zhi is located in Shenzhen Science and Technology Parks National Science and Technology Business Incubation Base, whose researchers consist of Chinese famous herbalist doctors and national medical masters from China Academy of Chinese medical Science. The total number of R&D teams is 462, senior professional titles accounting for 85%.
The major research achievement is Mei Tang, developed by professor Mei Lianwu and 462 domestic and foreign scientists. They spent 28 years, four generations, with more than 18,000 experiments, continually screening and regrouping from more than 3,000 ancient and modern prescriptions. The appearance of Mei Tang, the world’s first pure Chinese medicine products to overcome type II diabetes, has solved the major world medical problem that type II diabetes cannot be cured, attaining national invention patent.
Based on Mei Tang, Zhongke Ruizhi has promulgated a comprehensive and effective diabetes rehabilitation solution combining with the current international “five carriages” advanced concept of diabetes treatment. In 2013, Zhongke Ruizhi commissioned the Guangdong Border Armed Police Hospital for clinical validation, the first batch of 390 people receiving treatment. The self-healing rate of 373 patients was 95.64%. There was no obvious discomfort during the period, and diabetes complications and recurrence rates have been effectively suppressed.
The achievement has received much attention from medical field, with widespread praise. Up to now, 10,339 clinical patients have benefited from it.
In June, Zhongke Ruizhi will display the achievement at International Wellness Industry Expo 2018. If you want to have a deep understanding about it, welcome you to participate us. We look forward to seeing you at International Wellness Industry Expo 2018!

For more information, please contact the organizing committee.

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