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Range of Exhibits

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1.Wellness Institutes

Research and development base of wellness product, quality test and inspection institutes, Chinese medicine growing base, pharmaceutical industrial park, health medicine and food therapy workshops, longevity nursing homes, ecological spa centers, wellness resorts / spa, sports health clubs, Chinese medical health clubs,confinement clubs, medical institutes, medical cosmetics and surgery plastic institutes, disease prevention institutes, health and rehabilitation institutes, mother-infant care centers, etc.

2.Food Supplement

Agricultural by-products qualified of national organic or green certifications, including cooking oil, all kinds of mushrooms, vegetables, fruits, dried fruits, aquatic products, coarse cereals, rice, organic tea, organic meat, organic drinks and organic liquor, etc.

Functional food and beverages like health drinks, bee products, Spirulina, pollen pini, fish oil, polysaccharose, Coenzyme Q10, health wine, food supplement, health tea, etc.

Invigorant like ginseng, donkey-hide gelatin, maca, dendrobe, cordyceps, ganodorma lucidum, cubilose, shark fin, pilose antler, rhodiola rosea, saffron, OVIDUCTUS RANNAE, honey, royal jelly, Arillus longanae, etc.

Baby formula milk power, supplementary foods, special drinks, etc.

3.Chinese Medicine

Native medicinal materials, traditional Chinese medicines prepared in ready-to-use forms, plant extracts, Chinese herbal medicine planting base, ethicals, OTC drugs, Chinese and Western medicines, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Family first-aid supplies, household sanitary wares, home care goods, pregnancy and infant care products, etc.

4.Healthcare Equipment

Mineral spa equipment, Artemisia arborescens treatment equipment, head massage device, eye care device, physiotherapy device in lower midrange and micro wave, massage chair, rehabilitation equipment, electronic magnetic therapy products, etc.

Pharmacy shelves, dispensing table, traditional Chinese medicine cabinet, automatic drug delivery machine, automatic drug counting machine,  machine stripping medicines,  Chinese Medicine boiler, medicine cutter, medicine crusher, etc.

Self-service detection equipment, household oxygen supply gas transmission equipment, household disinfection and purification equipment, family rehabilitation instrument, treatment table, rehabilitation testing instrument, etc.

5.Wellness and Health Management

Health management and health care consultancy institutes, massage service, medical treatment technology, long distance management technology for health, health management facilities, health support facilities, private health care and experience, edical insurance, health examination center, health follow-up service, life and health information platform, hygienic inspection, etc.

6.Wellness and Cosmetics

Functional cosmetics, breast enhancing product, hair removal products, eye care products, nail care product, hair loss product, cell regeneration product, anti-aging products, Chinese medical cosmetics, biological cosmetics, Chinese herbal medicine bath, Chinese acupuncture, health books, anti-wrinkle cosmetics, whitening products, freckles prevention and treatment products, moisture products, etc.

7.Wellness Supplies

Far infrared / magnetic / antibacterial textile products, antiviral / antimoth / anti crease cloth, UV / electromagnetic clothing, health sleep product, steam room, design and construction of sleep environment, etc.

Cleaning appliance, health care appliance, warming appliance and other life electric appliances, etc.

8.Wellness Environment

Air condition supplies like air purifier, dehumidifier, humidifier, oxygen device, negative ion generator, and water treatment equipment like spectrum water machine, water dispenser, water purifier, water softener, direct drinking fountain, etc.

9.Wellness Organization and Media

International alliances or organizations related with wellness and health, health and epidemic prevention organization, specialized magazine and TV media, online media, network e-commerce, etc.