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Pharma China ( is the most trusted English media and business intelligence service covering the Chinese pharmaceutical / biopharmaceutical industry and market.  

Pharma China caters for the growing needs of the international pharmaceutical industry for up-to-date and insightful information and intelligence on China’s burgeoning but increasingly complex healthcare marketplace, and is subscribed by most multinational pharmaceutical companies, leading CROs, investment banks and consulting firms active in China as well as relevant industry associations and government agencies.


The “27th World Congress on Diet, Nutrition and Obesity” will be covering the recent issues in the epidemiology and treatment of nutrition anomalies and Obesity and the role of dietetics.This World Congress on Diet, Nutrition and Obesity strives to discuss the inter-relatedness of these three components in ensuring good health and the elimination of detrimental, fatal and cognitive ailments of mankind. Visit our official website at:


Ekowarehouse is the global sourcing platform for certified organic products. Our mission is to make is safe and easy for businesses to use organic ingredients and products. Our platform connects the entire B2B spectrum from brands to bulk traders to growers and everyone in between. Buyers can sign up for free and suppliers can join the site for a yearly membership fee.
Description: Hepatology 2018 is a best platform with its well organized scientific program to the audience which includes symposiums, workshops, keynote lectures, plenary talks, panel discussions and poster sessions on latest research and technological developments in the arena as well as therapeutic aspects. The conference invites Hepatologists, Gastroenterologists, Internists, Physicians, Microbiologists, Virologists, Pathologists, Oncologists, Surgeons, Toxicologists, Researchers, Students, Business delegates and Young researchers across the globe.
Diabetes and Endocrinology 2018 provides two days robust discussions on methods and strategies related to diagnosis, prevention and management of endocrinal diseases as well as explore new ideas and concepts on a global scale and the topics include Diabetic Disorders and Treatment, Current Advances in Endocrinology & Metabolism, Thyroid Gland and its Disorders, Reproductive Endocrinology, Energy Balance and Obesity, Treatment and Diagnosis of Endocrine Diseases, Surgery.
Gastro Meet 2018 is a leading platform for a focused agenda of the current research in the field of gastroenterology which includes, guest lectures, keynotes, symposiums, workshops, exhibitions, panel discussions and poster sessions. We invite Gastroenterologists, Hepatologists, General Physicians, Microbiologists, Oncologists, Surgeons, Researchers, Students, and Business delegates to join us at Abu Dhabi in August 2018 for the 2-day power packed Gastroenterologists Meet.
Meetings International proudly announces the Global Experts Meeting on World Drug Delivery and Novel Therapy Summit which will be held during July 23-24, 2018 at Canada. The theme of conference is “Research and Implementation of Drug Delivery System”. Meetings International provides a Global Platform for Pharmacologist, Biotech, Medical and Healthcare Professionals to Exchange Ideas, Knowledge and Networking at its International Conference.
“International Meeting on Traditional & Alternative Medicine” scheduled on July 23-24, 2018 Osaka Japan. Traditional Medicine congress is organized with the theme "Exploring New Horizons in Traditional & Alternative Medicine".Traditional Medicine 2018 invites participants, moderators, and exhibitors from everywhere throughout the world to Osaka, Japan.
The International Conference on Surgery and Anaesthesia is slated to hold from August 06-07, 2018 in Tokyo, Japan. Surgery Conference will be organized around the theme " Disseminating latest technologies in the field of Surgery and Anaesthesia".Surgery 2018 invites participants, moderators, and exhibitors from everywhere throughout the world to Tokyo, Japan.
Herbal Medicine 2018 is a best platform with its well organized scientific program to the audience which includes symposiums, workshops, keynote lectures, plenary talks, panel discussions and poster sessions on latest research and technological developments in the arena as well as therapeutic aspects. The conference invites Herbalists, Acupuncturists, Natural healers, Researchers, Students, Young researchers and business delegates across the globe.
The International Conference on Central Nervous System Disorder and Therapeutics is slated to hold from August 13-14, 2018, in Rome, Italy.CNS Conference will be organized around the theme "Accelerate the Diagnosis and Prevention of CNS Disorders". 
Probiotics 2018 highlights the theme “Emerging Trends in Probiotics Research” covering the future advancements in the field of Probiotics, Prebiotics, Nutrition and Food technology.                      
Annual Conference on Nephrology and Urology is slated to hold from August 20-21, 2018 in Chicago, USA. Nephrology Conference will be organized around the theme "Discovering New Transformations in Dialysis & Renal transplant". 
Nephrology 2018 invites participants, moderators, and exhibitors from everywhere throughout the world to Chicago, USA.
International Conference on Synthetic Biology is slated to hold from July 16-17, 2018 in Paris, France. Synthetic Biology Conference will be organized around the theme "Exploring Advanced Research in Synthetic Biology". Synthetic Biology 2018 invites participants, moderators, and exhibitors from everywhere throughout the world to Paris, France.

The Cardiology Conference meet is proud to announce that its 3 day 27th European Cardiology Conference (Euro Cardiology 2018) will be held in Rome, Italy during October 22-24, 2018.The conference will be the world’s best platform for all the cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, medical practitioners, research scholars and clinical research organizations to encourage and explore the modern technologies in the eternal field of Cardiology.The main theme of the conference is “Investigating Cardiological Research and Innovations”.

The Biomedical & Health Informatics Conference – 2018, is a congregation of scientists and
research professionals in the field of science and technical engineering where the latest
achievements and upcoming challenges are discussed by professionals. This conference involves the practice of information processing, about engineering of information systems, and in academic field. This is an applied form of information scienceand this field considers the interaction between humans and information alongside the construction of interfaces, organizations, technologies and systems. 
Bipolar Disorder 2018 invites all the participants from all over the world to attend “International Conference on Bipolar Disorder: Psychiatry and Mental Health” during November 8-10, 2018 Abu Dhabi, UAE, which include keynote presentation, oral talk, poster presentation and scientific exhibition. Our prospective audience includes Scientists, Psychiatrists, Surgeons, researchers, Mental Health doctors, professors, medical students, medical physicists, clinical scientists, Surgeons, Technologists and other healthcare professionals. 
Let’s join Global Pharma Summit with our full energy and enthusiasm, to be held in Bangkok, Thailand from 25-26 June, 2018.Allied Academies cordially welcomes all the attendees, speakers, sponsor’s and other research expertise from all over the world to the “Global Pharma Summit” (Pharma Summit 2018) which is going to be held during June 25-26, 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand. We are very much honored to invite you all to exchange and share your views and experience in Pharmaceutics: “Advanced Pharma Technologies-Better Healthcare system”.
Clinical Microbiology Congress 2018 means to unite the Professors, researchers, business mammoths, and technocrats to give a global gathering to the spread of unique research comes about, new thoughts and viable improvement and find progresses in the field of clinical and medical microbiology, administration and instruction in connection to clinical and medical microbiology and additionally an expansiveness of different subjects.
Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2018 extended its warm welcome the theme of: “Exploring the Recent Trends & Advances in the Field of Pharma and Chemistry”. It is a platform for Pharmaceutical and Chemistry experts and scientific professionals to explore the research challenges & current trends and advanced strategies in the field of Pharma and Chemistry research areas.
Cardio-Thoracic Surgery 2018 brings together individuals who have an interest in different fields of Cardiology like Cardiac diseases, Cardiac Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Heart Stroke, Heart diseases and Nursing. It is a forum to explore issues of mutual concern as well as exchange knowledge, share evidence, ideas, and generate solutions. With people from around the world focused on getting some answers concerning Surgery , this is your single most obvious opportunity to accomplish the greatest accumulation of individuals from the mending focuses, Universities, bunch, etc.
The 27th European Ophthalmology Congress going to be held during November 26-28, 2018 at Dublin, Ireland, which brings together a unique and international mix of large and medium pharmaceutical, biotech and diagnostic companies, leading universities and clinical research institutions making the conference a perfect platform to share experience, foster collaborations across industry and academia, and evaluate emerging technologies across the globe.
12th World Cancer Congress anticipates international Organizing Committee Members, international keynote speakers, oral presentations by renowned speakers, Poster presentations, Video Presentations, e-poster presentations, Workshops and Exhibitions with delegates all around the world. Cancer Conference is a platform for global promotion of Research work in an effective way. Cancer Conference also provides international Cancer networking and opportunities to collaborate with worldwide cancer companies and Cancer industries.
Meetings International proudly invites all the participants from all over the world to attend “International Conference on Pharmaceutical Chemistry” during July 16-17, 2018 at Paris, France. Pharmaceutical Chemistry Conference will provide an opportunity to discuss the current research updates with the eminent scientist at a single platform.  It’s important to share knowledge with others due to newly generated problem. For that they need a platform to share their knowledge.
Optometry 2018 channelise recent advancements in the optometry and vision science . It details about the  loomings aspects of the optometry.  In Optometry 2018 branches like optometry and advanced vision science, ocularpharmacology,ocular biochemistry etc are well scrutinized with their advances. Optometry 2018 also talks on the recent remedies for ocualr diseases and ocular disorders. It also spotlights the emerging treatments for the ocular melanoma and  well established surgerical advances in the field of ophthalmology. 
Cardiology Meetings welcomes you at Cardiology and Healthcare conference going to be held in Abu Dhabi, UAE during August 9-11, 2018 which unites brief keynote presentations, speaker talks, exhibitions, Symposiums, workshops. Cardiology Care 2018 is the Cardiology meetings which will be most visited by all the eminent cardiologists, cardiology educators, fiery inspectors, postgraduates, affiliations, business meanders under a solitary rooftop. This Cardiology conference will assist to framework organization, B2B teaming up amidst specialists and academicians. Cardiology Conferences promotes awareness against risk factors and advancements about the cardiac care. This cardiology meeting lay a platform for postgraduate education and scientific work in the fields of cardiology, healthcare, hypertension and stem cell research in cardiology and paediatric cardiology.